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You may be asking yourself, “what makes a Bosley Sales Representative different from any of the other 55,000 Realtors in the city?”.
Let us explain.

Bosley Sales Representatives are hand selected to ensure our core values are aligned. Each Bosley Realtor has valuable insights on the hidden gems that make our communities more livable. It is this knowledge that allows us to fondly refer to our Realtors as "Neighbourhood Navigators". Our Realtors perspectives on neighbourhoods, market conditions and trends come straight from their every day real estate front lines and their local knowledge ensures our clients make the most informed decisions when it comes to their real estate needs.

Our agents are educated, engaged and full-time! As a result, they are our client’s best asset. Additionally, these assets have created an unparalleled reputation for our Realtors among the real estate fraternity. We are not simply providers of information, our Realtors are current and have the technical expertise to interpret exactly what is happening in both their local real estate market and in the ever changing industry as a whole. It is our hard work, ethics and understanding that will remain a deciding factor in the success of our agents and Bosley as a whole.

Tina Hubicki

Tina Hubicki

​Tina has ​experience working with first-time buyers to seasoned professionals looking to sell a secondary residence. Tina embodies the Bosley Real Estate best features with her commitment to clients and true affinity for exploring unique properties.

Tina has gained unmatched experience making sure every real estate journey is completely personalized. Upon hiring Tina, you will receive meticulous, personalized service to reach your selling goals or achieve your dream house. Rest easy knowing she has worked alongside an elite real estate brand and has the experience and perseverance to help you succeed.


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